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We are here to support your music needs. From large scale dance tours to intimate weddings, our clients have used our musicians and creative direction to make all of their music visions come to life. Musicians on PitStop have access to a community of fellow talents and can easily search for their own needs with our advanced filters and real-time map functions. We help musicians better find opportunities and opportunities better find musicians.
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Create A Musician Profile

Create a musician profile to connect and collaborate. Add music skills, samples, social media and more.

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Get Musical Talent & Direction

Use our team of music professionals to source all your music needs and provide creative direction.

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Add Music Projects

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PitStop Sessions

PitStop Sessions highlights selected artists from our community through a high-quality live video/audio recording based in Hollywood. Musicians will have the opportunity to professionally record an original song and have an artist interview with our team. The best part is all studio time, recording, mixing and mastering is taken care of by us, all we need is you and your talented self!

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Featured Musicians

We here at PitStop Musicians aim to dim the rest of the stage-lights and let select artists take the spotlight, center stage.
Fox and Bones
Portland, OR

Fox and BonesFolk Pop

Ruth Nichols
Los Angeles, CA

Ruth NicholsTrumpet

Greg Collister
Simi Valley, CA

Greg CollisterDrummer