Acoustic vs. Electric Guitars

acoustic-electric-guitar.jpgIs there even a debate when it comes to an electric or acoustic guitar? If you're purchasing your very first guitar, or giving one as a gift, or simply do not have enough space for an entire collection - you may be wondering which type of guitar to purchase. Nevermind the brand, the color, the level of vintage - there are so many choices - but let's bring it back to the bare minimum, to plug in or not to plug in?

Live Performance - Take into consideration the live performance aspect. Will you be playing with your newly formed hardcore band? Or, will you play an open mic gig once a month with your friend harmonizing alongside you? 

Amplification - Recognize your living conditions. Do you live in a large apartment building with very thin walls on every side? Do you have neighbors who complain when your TV is too loud? Consider an acoustic guitar if you're constantly having to police your noise levels. If you've got a bunch of open space and a large garage, maybe consider something you can rock out with.

Genre - You know your creative tastes best. What type of guitars do your favorite artists play? Or, if you're purchasing it as a gift - try to consider what is more suitable for the style of the soon-to-be receiver of the guitar. 

Pricing - If you're still not sure, consider buying a more economical version of both and test them out. Let them sit around for a few weeks or a few months and recognize which guitar you go for, more often, when you're inspired to play. The next time you decide to upgrade your collection, realize your preferences. 

No matter what way you try to shake the debate down - there is no winner and there is certainly no loser because they are much like apples and oranges. Our one very suggestion is - get a side job at a lemonade stand, just one summer, and save up for one acoustic and one electric guitar. Your future songwriting self will thank you. You'll want to be able to grab one or the other when inspiration strikes specifically.