Ambience & Atmosphere

There are a few secrets that all planners, organizers and those who help tie love up in a beautiful knot, keep close to their heart. One of those secrets is that which allows the attendees to have a memorable, magical evening. It is the effect of music on the ambience & atmosphere floating around the venue. Dive into our discoveries about how to turn up the volume at your next voicing of the vows!
And now, we introduce the soundtrack of love. The laughter of loved ones and friends overflow the halls of every ceremony. The jovial glees are only echoed out once those dancing shoes come out and the dresses are ready to shake off their pristine conditions. 

music-for-my-wedding.jpgWhen delving into the science behind the importance of focus on sound in any given situation, one can refer to a Scottish study which "found that diners increased their expenditures by 23 percent when slow-tempo music was played. Most of the additional spending went toward the drink bill, which grew 51 percent. Because drinks are typically a high-margin item, the increase in profits was especially significant."
Additionally, "A recent CNN article showed that people chewed food nearly a third faster when listening to high-volume, fast-tempo music, potentially increasing table turnover. Also according to CNN, a French study observed that as decibel levels increased, men not only consumed more drinks but also finished each drink in less time." How interesting that simple and invisibile tempo can have such a heavy effect on its listener.

Let us not forget to mention the effects of sound on our mood. Sometimes, it's easy to assume that all configurations of music, whether it be a string quartet or a rock band will have the same effect on it's listener, yet this is not the case. It's important to take into account the varying orchestration, the tempo, the layers and overall pulse. It must match the "vibe" that the bride and groom are going for! Are they looking for something romantic, classic and timeless? Or fun, easy-going and the type of playlist that yells party-time?

"In a well-known study conducted at the University of Groningen, researcher Jacob Jolij (with Maaike Meurs) discovered that music genres effect visual perception in an extraordinary way. The study was designed to understand how music and the brain interact, and involved participants who were instructed to identify either “happy” or “sad” face images (like emoticons), while listening to specific music. The results found that even when presented with “neutral” faces, the participants chose “happy” or “sad” face reactions, based on the music that was playing." 

Due to the fact that music isn't as visually obvious as flowers or the bride's dress, it can often times be overlooked until you find yourself stuck in the moment - wishing you would have spent more time on perfecting the playlist or zeroing in on the exact atmosphere that you're aiming for!