Animals and Music: Do They Have Their Own Song?

Have you ever just sat back and listened at all of the sounds among us? We oftentimes lose touch with the animals around us and just how magical they truly are. Have you ever considered that the closest musician to you might be in the trees or buzzing above your head? Listen closer with us.

If you've been lucky enough to live near a songbird to two, you know just how relentlessly gorgeous these vocalists can be. They love to sing and mimic all day long, undisturbed. Well, what you may not know is that a multitude of animals appear to have their own versions of the song. This varies from fish having reactions in studies where they appear to note the difference between one composer to the next - all the way to the concept of a full-fledged elephant orchestra. Animals Need Music.jpg

"In northern Thailand, a conservationist named Richard Lair put together the Thai Elephant Orchestra, in which 16 elephants play specially developed instruments like steel drums and even harmonicas. Neuroscientists who have studied the music of the Thai Elephant Orchestra have determined that the animals are able to keep a very stable tempo on a large drum—even more stable than a human can."

Not only are animals musicians themselves, but music also has a profound effect on animals as listeners. "In a 2012 study PDF published in The Journal of Veterinary Behavior, researchers from Colorado State University monitored the behavior of 117 kenneled dogs, including their activity levels, vocalization, and body shaking. The researchers played a few different types of music to the dogs, including classical, heavy metal, and an altered type of classical music. They also observed the dogs' behavior when no music was playing at all. They found that the dogs slept the most while listening to all kinds of classical music, indicating that it helped them relax. The dogs had the opposite reaction to the metal music, which provoked increased body shaking—a sign of nervousness."

Each of these revelations are truly just yet another reminder as to why we need to protect these special creatures on our planet. Each animal has their own form of expression and entertainment. We swear that you can hear it if you listen to closely enough.