Baking In Sonic Style

cooking_and_sonics_pitstop_1.jpgIf you're looking for a tasty little pick-me-up this holiday season, why don't you mix your musical passion in as the theme of your holiday baking bonanza. This can be done in decorating or even a cute head nod to some sweet holiday songs. Let's whip something special up! 

There’s so many layers to cut into on this topic. Today, we’d love to discuss baking themed ideas in the style of music. Have you ever been in awe of how gorgeous the musical clefs are? For those who aren’t too sure, “A musical-notation symbol at the beginning of a music staff, a clef indicates the pitch of the notes on the staff. Clefs were originally letters, identifying letter-named pitches, that were added to one or more of the staff's lines (thus providing a "key" to their identity).There are many types of clefs, but the four that are regularly used in modern music are Treble, Bass, Alto, and Tenor.” Now that we know what they really mean, let’s appreciate their beauty. Whether it’s a party for your band’s new album release or you’re baking cupcakes for your violin playing son for his birthday party - this is an incredibly cute idea! It may take some drawing practice, especially with an icing applicator, but we trust that you’ve got this! 

Another idea for baking in the theme of sound - you can use song titles are ideas to decorate or even inspire the ingredients. How about celebrating your love for Frank Ocean’s music for one of your hosting evenings? It would be so cute to use the Channel Orange album theme in your ingredients. Hints of orange and ginger - their zest can be added to a multitude of both desserts and dinner.

How about we circle back to the holiday spirit? Once home visits become commonplace again, there are so many sweet treats that you can cook up. We all love a good meal, but putting those finishing touches in a creative way can really bring it to the next level. We absolutely had to share these Edible Sheet Music papers. This is a gorgeous accompaniment to the rest of your desserts. If you’re looking to take it up a notch and prep yourself as a future guest on all of those fancy Food Network baking competitions, why don’t you try for an entire cake? You can make an electric guitar, a violin, a record player and oh so much more

We know that this is a tricky time in terms of having visitors during both the holidays and any other regular day. While you’re waiting for these storms to pass, you can also have a mini party in your household alone. Let us not remember that we don’t need a special occasion to bake something special and fill up the house with that sweet smell. You can make a wonderful batch of 6 cupcakes and let your immediate household savor them. This is the time to practice and invent! 

While you’re mixing and mashing, consider having a playlist roaring in the background that celebrates food. Many times as musicians we get caught up in being a little too serious, who knew that lyrics can reference food and still be clever and gorgeous? Some of our favorites include "Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles, “30,000 Pounds of Bananas" by Harry Chapin, "Tutti Frutti" by Little Richard and "Ice Cream Man” by Blur.

So, after the year that we’ve all had - this is the time to just shake it up and have some fun with your food and your art. Life is for living afterall, isn’t it?