Being in a Band vs. Going Solo

So you've finally made it far enough into the woods of all things sound, when you're now faced with a new crossroads. Do you attempt to find band members who can blend into your groove or just go solo? Let's dive in. 

There are so many perks to both sides of this coin. We'll dig into some of the pros and cons and try to find a happy medium. 

Genre.  The genre of choice is an interesting thing to discuss when choosing whether which is best suited for you. Traditionally, rock & metal bands wear the crowns for sticking it out with their band members over decades. They've glamourize the comradery that comes along with being in a band. Perhaps rightfully so. However, with other genres, such as classical, while they may have ensembles, often times they act as a sole musician who changes their creative environment daily. We love the collaboration methods within the hip hop genre. Artists feel free to bounce from feature to feature with other artists and producers. In our opinion, it seems like one of the healthiest creative choices. 

Consider the concept of having to suss details out with multiple people now. Input from family and lawyers will now be added to the mix. On the flipside, someone may catch a red flag that you would have never seen coming. 
Daruis Rucker Hootie and the Blowfish.jpgCreative Control. 
This is similarly wonderful to the plus-side of the legalities. If you've got 5 times the amount of ideas and creative juice floating around, you're bound to come up with some incredible music. On the negative end, you now have that many more cooks in the kitchen. 

Touring. Touring can get lonely when the road gets redundant, stressful and boring. When you've got band members, you have a little family that will always provide some form of entertainment, friendship and a shoulder to cry on. On the other hand, if you're solo - it can be much cheaper and you've got that many less personalities to deal with when everyone is hungry, tired, homesick and just over living out of a suitcase. 

What's our vote? Have a healthy dose of both! We love and encourage the idea of having multiple projects. Never so many so that your head is spinning and you can't seem to fully commit to anything because you're spread so thin, but you may consider having two projects. 

One project that is fully and wholly your own and one (or as many as you can keep up with) that is free to become whatever it seems to want to be! You can add as many or as few musical touches as you and your creative partners like.

In the end, just do what feels right!