Beyond Coachella, Here Comes Woodstock?

With Coachella yawning in our rear-view mirror, we've found the summer staring directly upon us and shaking its head at the fact that we had absolutely nothing planned, except for maybe an impromptu trip to Upstate New York for the revival of Woodstock for its 50th anniversary. Plot twist, it's been cancelled. What's the scoop?
As we have all witnessed in the recent years with other attempts at creating lavish music festivals on deserted islands - we've seen that things are not as easy and glamorous as they may appear to be through an Instagram filter. In a similar manner of shock, Woodstock has pulled out of its operations and has cancelled the upcoming festival that wasabout to occur later this year. 

One may ask - What happened? We're hearing different things from different sources. Some say that it was the investors who pulled out and others say that it is still a go. Specifically from the hosts themselves, they've stated "We don’t believe the production of the festival can be executed as an event worthy of the Woodstock Brand name". Can we really be mad? Not in the least. First off, what a gargantuan task to put on a festival that not only has to compete with current trends, e.g. Coachella - but it also has to live up to all of the hype of the O.G. festival, the one that started it all. Woodstock.
Oddly enough, time has romanced the idea of Woodstock as being something that was much more luxurious than it truly was. The original year had food shortages, had to be helped by the Army and left a lot of trash in its wake. This year, in an effort to avoid history repeating itself, Woodstock 2019 has been cancelled.
We give a high-five and a wishing of good luck to the hosts, promoters and investors for what would have been Woodstock 2019. They let everyone know as far enough in advance as they could and they swallowed their pride by not allowing Woodstock to becoming a LaughingStock. 
Cheers to next year. Count us in! 
- K. O'Neil, PitStop Musicians