Breaking Down Music Genres

What even is a genre anyway? Do they even really exist? Who is has the most educated ear who is able to truly place a label on an art form and force it to squeeze into a little box of "pop", "deep disco fox", or even "brostep"... How did music become so divided? How can so many genres be born out of 12 tiny notes?

A genre is a funny thing. It's an intangible way for us to describe our culture, our taste, our preference. Within a genre, comes a lifestyle. That lifestyle can be so defined and so very much made of every little detail of someone's life. 

If you were able to checkout our spotlight on Spotify's findings of their strangest genre tags, you may have gotten a laugh. We are loving how creative the creators are in their labelings - with genres such as "brostep", which Spotify says is "is a variation of dubstep that some view as “Americanized dubstep.” It emphasizes the middle register sounds as opposed to the sub-bass content that dubstep accentuates. Brostep has more robotic sounds with a “metal-esque” aggression."image-2019-06-10.jpg

The genre can influence the listener as to what city they live, the neighborhood, their friends, their choice of occupation, their hairstyle, clothing and mindset. In that sense, a genre is incredibly important as it  can influence an the entire life of it's listener.

A particularly dark and reckless side of a genre can come into play when the genre glamorizes problematic behavior, albeit subjective, there are some things that are quite clearly a negative turn of an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

At the end of the day, a genre is both crucial and not important whatsoever in the world of creativity, as we should all strive to accept everyone and everything, just as they are. We should shift our focus of the genre and move it more towards the intention and natural reaction for the listener. If you like it, listen. 

Some of you may have heard that some pop music can be a "guilty pleasure" of some listeners. This is not necessary. It's okay to listen to whatever pleases your ears, naturally. Enjoy what you enjoy! Peel all the labels off.