Carving Creative Time Out of Your Schedule

Life seems to just speed up faster and faster these days and we all know too well how easy it is to let time pass by without accomplishing the tip of our artistic goals. How can we maximize our daily to-do lists and still find time to unwind and let our creativity take the wheel?

Start small and come up with a specific plan to visit your world of creativity. Can you only be guaranteed 45 minutes on a Sunday morning before life’s requirements start lining up and demanding the rest of your day and then week? Us too. Despite this, once you find dedicated time, set and successfully attend this appointment with yourself, this will be your first hurdle that has been completed. Just showing up is more than half the battle, once you get the momentum going, that’s when you’ll be able to dive into your craft and let your ideas blossom.

Being okay with the idea of turning your phone off and really getting lost in a tiny corner of your own little world is highly underrated. It's the act of being able to quiet the world around you where you'll be able to sharpen your focus on using a different side of your mind. Minimizing distractions, awarding yourself with a good track record and real life achievements are just some of the many benefits of making time for you to work towards the future version of yourself who you hope to be. 


Figure out what time of day works for you and what doesn’t. Do you just want to crawl under warm covers once 9PM rolls around? Maybe you’re ready to conduct a symphony at 8:15AM sharp? We simply need to find what time naturally works best for our diligence and inspiration and build the rest of our lives around that. Ideally, this would be simple, however in practice, work, family and every day stresses can innocently interfere with the amount of things we are able to focus on and accomplish every day. This is where being organized comes in to save the day, as it enables us to be most wise with our time while also being able to schedule in some me-time and some time to let our ideas wander into reality.

When it comes to the intersection of time management and life hacks, things can get a little crazy quickly. There are so many unique and fascinating ways to to really make the best of life and get the most out of each hour of each day, however ultimately you must hold yourself accountable. Once you are disciplined enough to stick to the plan, you’ll be amazed. Have you ever heard that quote by Norman Vincent Peale that says, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars”? That’s exactly how we believe one should approach attempting to squeeze each and every moment out of life, in the most effective way possible - it’s great to attempt it but don’t get too jaded when the schedule goes awry, because it almost always will.