Carving Out Your Content

In an age where everybody is glued even more heavily than usual to their screen of choice, this is your chance to catch the eyes and ears of your friends and fans. Some may debate that curated content is pretentious, while others claim it's a necessary business tool. 

A particular tip that stands out to us consistently is to become familiar with your industry as deep as your time and energy will allow you to do so. One can hope that your interest will be matched by this, as we suspect you’ll be inspired by your particular niche and want to research it on the daily. This shouldn’t feel like a job exactly, although sometimes there are those nuts and bolts of information that will feel like work, but you’ll thank yourself later when the time comes that that knowledge will come in handy - always when you least expect it!

You’d be amazed at how much experience and acting as a sponge to the world around you will gift you. When you’re in the game for years and then decades, the pace will begin to feel normal to you. A simple sentence may enlighten those around you, something that has become basic to you, so don’t discredit or discount yourself. Just take it easy and be yourself. 

Although we suggest that you should just be you, don’t go out of your way to try too hard or be too unique if it feels unnatural. You’d be surprised at how many people truly relate to the human experience in its raw state. If you don’t believe us, we suggest testing out your own platform to see your audience’s response. If they aren’t used to you acting as you truly are, you may have a few surprises, but the most pleasant surprise of all will be when you open up your heart, when you’re feeling down and when you speak your mind - many will listen, sympathize and share their own stories. 

There’s a reason that the most successful artists usually resonate with the popular opinion when they’re speaking their truth. We can all relate, as much as we try to hide it. Embrace this part of yourself. You could be the sonic hug that somebody needed on a tough day. You could be the inspiration to someone who had no money and truly started from nothing. Don’t try to shield yourself in glamour and glitz, the public will thank you for how real and sincere you are.