Creating The Album Cover of Your Dreams

In the day and age of filters, with all things glossy and picture perfect, it's ever so easy to get caught up in the allure of your visuals never living up to what you see on your favorite legend's Instagram page. Now, before we get too deep into technology, photoshopping and fancy cameras, let's break down the depth of what album covers really have the potential to be. 

As if pouring your heart and soul out and back into a metal microphone wasn’t tricky enough, now once you’ve finished your masterpieces, you’re now on a mission to decide upon that one visual that will define your entire piece of work, perhaps even your magnum opus, your life’s work! Oh, the stress! 

Before you get too far into details, you should perhaps decide whether you’d like to showcase yourself on the cover, and if that’s the case, we’ll be dealing with an entirely different beast here. If you’re looking for something a little more mysterious and vague, perhaps even a Stop Sign that meant something to you in your hometown taken with a Polaroid camera - this is where you should begin dreaming up possibilities. 

Now, maybe you don’t want the album cover to have any meaning at all, maybe you’re too burnt out for all of that time you put into the studio and you just want someone to snap a photo of you, dead tired, on the couch, wondering about what’s to come next. If you find yourself wanting to get something creative while saving a whole bunch of money, then let’s dive in to some at home camera tips. Lighting is one of the most major elements that will allow you to have more creative control than you may think, even with an iPhone camera. If you don’t have one on hand, surely you have a friend around you that would be willing to come over and snap a few quick photos.

Make use of your outdoor space or fun and colorful furniture you may have in your home. We suggest employing the use of “the golden hour” of natural lighting, this would be one hour before sunset and hour after sunrise. Spend some time playing with poses and be sure to take hundreds and hundreds of shots. Consider wearing whatever you feel most “you” in. You’ll thank yourself later when you have a lot to choose from. Creating_The_Album_Cover_of_Your_Dreams_1.jpg

Another wonderfully costless way to add some dynamics and spatial awareness to your shots would be to make use of the gorgeous nature around you. We all have a field, an epic tree, a colorful rose bush somewhere around us. If you’re lucky enough to have snow, a mountain or a beach nearby, have some fun getting some shots with these elements! You might be amazed at how well you can capture a moment in time. 

Think of those albums that you’ve got lying around your room or even showcased and framed on your wall, what does their cover look like? No matter how glossy and finely tuned the actual visual is - we’re willing to bet that it means something incredibly important to the creator(s) of those musical pieces that it represents. Let us take into account the endlessly famous album covers that we’ve been graced with over the decades. You can keep it as something as The Beatles’ White Album cover that is literally just that. A completely white square, yet it represented something meaningful to them that would continue to shine on into the future. This is a wonderful example as to why you don’t need to get lost in being too inventive and outrageous, though if that’s what you’re in the mood for - then by all means we suggest you go there! Most importantly, you should follow what feels right with your craft.