Crowning Yourself the Title of Musician

Sometimes life is funny. Have you ever noticed that often you’ll have to be given a title, awarded it in some manner, by say a degree or the colleagues that you look up to, in order to obtain it?. Have you waited on hitting forever moving goal posts to finally call yourself a musician? How many years of calluses must you acquire before you’re really a guitarist? 

We believe that everyone is born a musician, whether one chooses to awaken to its calling or not, lies within their power of choice. We are all embedded with an incessant heartbeat, a drum that plays a subtle soundtrack throughout every moment of our lives.  

Some of us have been taught that in order to be able to wear the title of musician, you must receive a paycheck directly associated with your talents, hold a musical position within a company, win an achievement award or have decades in the industry. Use Journal reminds us “There is a famous quote by Pablo Picasso: “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. This beautiful quote implies Picasso’s belief, that by nature of being born human, we are all artists.”

We’ve heard tales of legends who have said that they still don’t feel like they’ve “made it” despite surviving and succeeding decades in the ever so tumultuous industry. Even after all of those trials and tribulations, many feel like the goal posts had been constantly shifting and that moment of explosive fame never really came to pass. Yet, from an outsider perspective, it could look like you’re on top of the world.

Many budding musicians feel that they must reach a particular level in order to proclaim themselves as a professional musician. This is where we’d like to chime in. We sincerely believe that nobody can tell you that you’re not a musician, except for yourself.

Is a music fan singing every single lyric in the crowd, not a member of a chorus in a sense? Is the musician the one on stage or the ones echoing back the harmonies? We are all gifted with these gorgeous abilities, some more evolved than others, though that’s nothing that some serious elbow grease can’t fix! 

Only you will know for yourself when the time feels right to label yourself. Did it take ten years of lessons and one incredible show stopping performance to say that you’re a drummer when people ask you to tell them about yourselves? Over time, you may simply catch yourself referring to yourself in ways that you never imagined! Are you pining to be an artist but feel that it’s too out of character for you as you’ve lived life thus far? Dive in. Create. The title will begin to follow and embrace you.

The only criteria that truly sets apart a non-musician with a musician is the lack of love for it. Certainly there are experts, musicologists, and professionals that are on world tours. These are the lucky and hardworking ones who found their way through an industry of hoops and obstacles. You too can find your way. Time is the only thing standing between the two of you. The label of musician can be worn proudly from the moment that you connect with a crescendo, a lyrical diamond, a singular note.