Discussing The Ever-Envied Tour Life

Most of us can safely say that we've had a few dreams of being that stadium-filling, endorsement-having, autograph-requesting type of rockstar.  With those major shows, comes your name on the tour bus and with the tour bus comes the tour life. Could you stick it out and really being willing to accept the good that is always destined to accompany the bad?

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So, let's dig into the ever-envied tour life. Is it really all it's hyped up to be? Keeping reading as we break it down.
Taking care of yourself. Get a good night's sleep. Go easy on the caffeine, alcohol and indulgence of poor food choices. Sweat it out and get some exercise! 
Giving time to another aspect of your personality. Focus on something that isn't music for a few days. Go explore the city that you've landed in. Maybe all you'll have time for is to pop by a cute coffee shop, enjoy what you can. 
Get into nature.  Get out of that tour bus. Get grounded. Get some sun! It's easy to end up in an endless cycle of late night partying, performing and sleeping the sun away. Don't let that happen. 
Friendships. Much like relationships, this is going to take a bit of effort to keep up. Luckily, we live in a different times these days and it's easy to feel connected to your friends even when you're borders away from one another. Soak that up and speak up when you're missing them! Be open to the world around you and make new friends along the way to introduce to your old friends. 
Relationships. One of the toughest parts of being on the road is leaving behind your partner or even more difficult, your children. When you're riding solo, touring is hard enough on the body and psyche, nevermind including other people into your lifestyle choices. The best advice we can give in this department is to be honest and realistic with your partner regarding expectations of communication. Find those little moments to check in, take advantage of Facetime, sending a little note reminding them that they are in your thoughts. It may be easy for them to develop FOMO very fast, especially with everything broadcasted on social media these days - be honest with the downfalls of tour and remind them that it's not all so glamorous. Share as much as you can. If you have children, consider the options of bringing them on the road for a portion of time on the road. Do what feels right for your family. 
We know you can do this. Remind yourself that it's an unnatural lifestyle, so when you're starting to feel a meltdown come on - embrace it and use it in your art! Don't try to overextend yourself - you'll run out of energy far too quick trying to see every corner of the world all at once. Save it for the show and rock on.