Dissecting The Artistic Temperament

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The line where the creative obsession and the humanity of the artist is blurred - where is it? The line where the creator is forced to decide to pull yet another all nighter, or tuck themselves into bed, face mask on, freshly showered, cup of tea sipped, melting into a blissful evening of the ever so coveted good night's sleep - when is the choice the right one? 
The artistic stereotype comes into play - is it all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, or is an artistic truly born with a different wiring, with a different perspective of the world? Do they see in colors more vibrant than others or are the others simply untuned, less cultured and more afraid of being open to failing at being creative? 
The typical artistic temperament is often times known as those who bear the burden, the heaviness of all of the world, incredibly sensitive, moved by the smallest lyrical dances of everyday moments, touched by the least beautiful, most normaloccurrences. The artist often is a vessel for these gorgeous, glittering pieces of life, that are typically overlooked, yet transformed into something tangible, visual,audible - something that the "non-artistic" type can subconsciously soak in and be moved by. That song that can bring a person to tears while driving, without it being called upon. Those notes and lyrics that just sneak up on you. They've often times been translated through the artist's brain first and then presented to everyone else in a shiny, bowed package. 
Whethereveryone or only the lucky few are artistic - is debatable. One thing that is not debatable, is the depth of those who are in touch with their creative sides. Once the creator awakes the artistic beastwithin them, they typically become their own worst critic  - a blessing and a curse. They feel the highs of writing a gorgeous hook and the lows of the questioning of their talent when they show it to their family who may havedifferent style, different taste, from a different era. Art is truly subjective and no creator is safe from a critic. This leaves them consistentlyvulnerable, living on the edge of being a genius or yet anotherwannabe.
So, what's the solution? Where do the facts lie and the opinions fall aside? All the creator can really do is give themselves room for error, go easy on themselves and realize that in the end, you can't please everyone. All you can do is take care of your body that works so very hard for you, do your very best to trust your inspiration and most importantly - have good intentions in your personal, business and artistic endeavours. Be in it for the love of the art and remember that life goes on, eras go on and those who survive history are those who truly meant what they were trying to say - no matter how loud, quiet or strange it seemed.