Should You Have a DJ or Wedding Band?

As if your wedding doesn't bring enough stress, one element that you just don't want to gloss over would be the soundtrack of your day! Whether or not you'll have music isn't really the question, it's how you specialized you'd really like to get!

There are so many options. It can be as extreme of a difference from an acoustic guitar player to a full orchestra, with a conductor and all. Somewhere in between, is where most people lie, which is the choice between a live wedding band and a DJ. Let's discuss the pros and cons of both.
wedding music .jpgA major perk of having a band play at your wedding, as opposed to a DJ, would be that you can have real-time karaoke come alive at your event! Sure, a DJ can sometimes pull up the karaoke version of your chosen track, but those often times have poor production quality and it's simply just not as exciting and awe-inspiring as seeing musicians learn a new song on the fly and play it flawlessly!

The benefits of having a DJ host the entertainment for your wedding, would be that they have seemingly limitless musical varieties, as with wedding bands, although they always have an incredibly large repertoire, they won't be able to pay any song at the drop of a hat. Additionally, a DJ would be able to look up a song request that they haven't even heard of, with the ability to play it with the press of a button. 

But what's the most danceable? In our humble opinion, as long as the music is loud and either uplifting or romantic, you can't go wrong! One thing that we would say to avoid are songs that are too sad, too slow or too experimental. However, you know your crowd, so it can be very helpful to make your decision based on what you think would be most popular amongst your guests. Don't forget to make sure you & your partner like the style, too! It is your day, after all. 

Finally, we believe it depends on the genre, style and overall mood that you're going for. If you're looking to have a playlist of mostly top 40 hits, perhaps mostly made up of pop and hip-hop, you may want to consider a DJ, as these songs are typically made up of heavy production with midi samples - therefore they simply sound best being played as is - rather than replicated by a band, which they weren't intended for. 

On the flip-side, if most of your soundtrack will be rock-styled songs, hire a band! Bring the music to life in the format that it was intended to be! Most importantly, don't stress too much. Everyone loves live music, no matter what format it comes in.