Do Plants Really Grow Faster With Music?

Have you ever tried to acquire your very own green thumb? If you have, then you know how incredibly hard it seems to be successful at keeping these lovely little things alive! Well, perhaps you've heard of playing classical to sleeping babies, but how about playing it to your plants? 

"In 1962, an Indian botanist conducted several experiments on music and plant growth. He found that certain plants grew 20 percent in height when exposed to music, with a considerably greater growth in biomass. He found similar results for agricultural crops, such as peanuts, riceand tobacco, when he played music through loudspeakers placed around the field."Plants and Music_pitstop musicians.jpg

Well, we have so many questions - how, why... how? "When it comes to understanding the effects of music on plant growth, it appears that it isn’t so much about the “sounds” of the music, but more to do with the vibrations created by the sound waves. In simple terms, the vibrations produce movement in the plant cells, which stimulates the plant to produce more nutrients."

If you don't believe us, there's only one way to really get to the bottom of the truth - so, why not test it out? If you've got the time and the itch to experiment, we suggest that you choose a hardy plant that doesn't require too much spoiling, such as perfect sunlight access. On top of that, make sure that you keep up with the regular necessities such as watering and proper soiling. Finally, repeat the patterns of your plant's music sessions, keep it consistent and keep track of your results. If you live in a larger space, place the exact type of plant in a different space and play different music. Look at that - you'll be a verified botanist in no time!