Embracing Virtual Performances

Happy Autumn! Fall-ing in Love. Did you catch that pun we did there? As it always does, the world has continued to turn and carry on. The chill in the air has finally arisen and Fall is now upon us. With restrictions lifting here and there, it's likely we can adopt a bit of wiggle room when it comes to strategic gatherings. How can we incorporate musicians into a socially distanced autumn wedding?

Back in early July of this year, you may have heard that the British government placed restrictions upon the community regarding musicians and vocalists at weddings due to COVID-19. Classic FM states “The government says, “People should avoid singing, shouting, raising voices and/or playing music at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult or that may encourage shouting, citing the potential for increased risk of transmission from aerosol and droplets.  Later on they say that non-wind instruments and non-singers, e.g. the organ, is okay.” 

Fall Wedding Music_pitstop.jpgAmazingly enough, just last year we would have never imagined ourselves here at this moment in time. The British regulations stated that communal singing, i.e. choirs, was banned, recorded music was encouraged and instruments that did not include any open mouth playing, such as trumpets or vocalists, was highly discouraged. When necessary, they allowed for one solo singer, behind a plexi-glass stand, or a pianist or organist to accompany the ceremony. 

Now, we find ourselves in September with many of these regulations still in place - whether they are laws that include fines or simply are recommendations - now is the time to avoid throwing caution to the wind and get creative in incorporating music to your ceremony. 

We absolutely love and stand behind the idea of keeping things personal, yet virtual. This can be live, despite the often imperfect interruption of poor internet quality that can appear during a performance relying on the woven webs and wires of the internet. This is where a solid wi-fi connection comes in handy. Testing days before is advised. 

The upside of incorporating virtual musicians during your vows is that the pricing is likely to be a bit less than usual, as they will not have to allow for travel time or accommodations. However, the musicians may have had to upgrade their recording and home studio setup, so they may need to incorporate those costs into their daily rates, so this is something that must be considered. 

In an effort to maintain the personal aspects of having an incredible and meaningful performance during your ceremony, it may be wise to hire a singer/songwriter who has listened to the vows of each person privately and incorporated them both into the lyrics of a song specifically written for the two.

If going the route of virtual musicians, the key element here is to be sure that the sound and speaker quality is top notch. If you’re adding in visuals to the mix, during a nighttime wedding, something such as an outdoor movie screen could be gorgeous and could host an entire choir singing from multiple virtual spaces. 

This is the time to think outside of the box and embrace the new world we are living in. Sometimes when life throws us curve balls, it forces us to adapt in ways we didn’t even know were possible. This can shine a spotlight on what really matters and what really creates lasting memories.