Engagements in the Time of Quarantine

Engagements_in_the_Time_of_Quarantine_PitStop.jpgWith so many variables and balls up in the world's current atmosphere, one thing we can still count on is that falling in love is still as unexpected as ever and it won't stop for anybody or anything. How can couples who are celebrating their engagement announcements not miss out on all the joy and fervor that comes from it? 

Many of us may think that these tough times are particularly rough on close relationships, though you may be surprised to learn that some couples are getting even closer and more creative about how to make it work. The flipside of these tough times can shine on through in the way that it’s forcing all of us to figure out coping mechanisms and stick to it. 

Insider fills us in on how couples are making it work. "However, with most couples spending more time together - 45% of engaged couples are spending 20+ hours more per week together than usual - they're leaning on their partner to get through this challenging time and to ensure they'll come out of it stronger than ever before. According to the report, 86% of engaged couples are sheltering in place together. Most engaged couples are doing so in their own homes, with only 11% of couples choosing to do so at their parents or future in-laws' home.”

This truly is a time to work out all of those kinks that seem to work their way into the creaks and crevices of our relationships. The heightened nerves and focus on financials has certainly shone its spotlight on potential problems that could arise. Oftentimes, couples aren’t forced to deal with this level of chaos until they reach the stages of having children or purchasing a home. Now, they’re facing reality much sooner, but this could actually work to all of our benefit. This is something tha many people avoid until they are forced to face it. 

“A majority of couples said that COVID-19 has forced them to find new ways to spend time together. The pandemic has also reminded 64% of engaged couples what they love about each other, even in these difficult times. The pandemic has also resulted in many couples changing their behaviors for the better. More than half of engaged couples said that they've discussed challenging topics during this time, and 46% of couples reported they've developed healthier habits together.”

Amidst all of this love that seems to be working out just swimmingly, how can newly engaged couples celebrate their love? We love the idea of embracing the old school love letter. If you’ve both got some time on your hands, you can write a love letter from the future bride and groom to your friends and family. Perhaps you can tell the story of how you met, how you fell in love and what you love about each other. You can gush about how you’re envisioning your future to be. Be sure to include a sweet little photo of the two of you and maybe even a tasty treat. 

We know that everyone is a little Zoomed-out currently, but you can really make it your own if you include a special something - say a happy hour where everyone makes the favorite cocktail of the future groom, or inviting a vocalist to sing one of the songs you both fell in love to. If you haven’t popped the question yet - perhaps you can surprise your special someone on a Zoom where everyone is able to witness! You can always find a way to make these moments count, even when we’re working with strange ingredients this time around. Cheers to the future!