Feng Shui-ing Your Studio

Feng_Shui-ing_Your_Studio_PitStop_Musicians_1.jpgSome believe that truth, clarity and the maximizing of potential are found within the ancient practice of being deliberate in the placement of items throughout your home. This practice allows for energy to flow freely and abundantly throughout your sacred space.  Let's investigate the often mysterious art of Feng Shui. 

Let’s get down to brass tax first. Before we get into definitions and practices, how does one pronounce “feng shui” anyway? This topic is very much up for debate. Some pronounce it like “fung sway” and others pronounce it as “feng shoe-ee”. Now that we’ve got that understood, what exactly is it? Google explains “(in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.” 

Did you know that feng shui translates to “wind water” in english? It represents the maximing of the flow of energy throughout the home. Many homes are not built with this practice in mind, so it’s important to note that it will be nearly impossible to employ each and every method, however a few just may help you out! 

So, let us start simple. Imagine a painter first interacting with their canvas. Do they begin on a canvas that is already overrun with ideas or start with a blank canvas? Consider the necessity for your space to be clean as a similar effect. New ideas need room to grow. This is why you must make space for new elements that you’re looking to inhabit your home studio. 

Before we do anything else, you must clean, dust, vacuum and wipe that glass down! Open the windows, get the air flowing. Be sure to pull items out of stagnant spaces and get those often unseen areas as well. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference. Sense of Space states “Quick fix: Tidy up, dust and clean the area, remove any objects you don’t like or that are broken,.”

“Creativity is also associated with children. This is mainly because children are innately creative and live out loud, without fear of judgement. Focusing on this area of your home can be important for a number of reasons.” Says Gates Interior Design. “Clear out ALL clutter in this area. If this is the spare room that’s become a dumping ground get rid of it or organize it. Remove all trash (equals cluttered thoughts). Remove anything that has a triangle shape or is in the color red. Red represents the element of fire, so if you have red in this area, you are burning through your thoughts. Add whites and soft colors.  Add items that promote creativity. Puzzles, music, hobbies, or make this your craft room. Anything that is handmade. Artisans are becoming a lost art, but if you have something that you have made, like art, a quilt, sculpture or been given a gift that was made, place that item here.”

So, how about specifically for your studio? We love the idea of making your space your very own. You can use the beauty of your instruments and recording equipment and interweave them with your furniture. Keep it innovative, clean, comfy and inspiring. Be deliberate with your choices of color and materials. Most of all, declutter often and keep everything, even all those cables, organized and categorized after every session. 

One wonderful little tip that we love when it comes to creative blocks and feng shui coming to the rescue - we’ve heard that incorporating the element of metal into your writing space. These include golds, bronzes and even pastels. This can exist in the form of an art piece and/or painting, as well. Be sure to try a few of these tips and you may be pleasantly surprised at how the flow in your home studio seems to be a little bit smoother.