Foods To Avoid Before A Studio Session

Whether it's expensive hours in a professional studio setting or a session in your friend's parent's basement, one of the first steps in becoming a professional musician is attending to the gig professionally - this means that you've got to be focused, ready and not feeling funky. How can we avoid showing up to a session with a grumbling, upset stomach and a lethargic mind? Let us explore. 



Now, as we usually do remind our readers, we’re here to say that we are first and foremost not dieticians by any means, however we have had the luck of having much experience and we love to dive into research. With these two elements combined, we’ve decided to give our two cents on what you should and should not eat. 

Enter energy. The good kind. We truly suggest avoiding deliberately spiking your adrenaline levels if you’re simply trying to wake up. If you need a little pick me up and you’re heading into a late night session or you simply are running on empty, then consider the more lowkey caffeine spikers, such as lemon juice hacks, matcha and a quick twenty minute nap before you have to head out to your destination. The issue with traditional caffeine is that it dehydrates you and ten you often crash from it slightly shortly after the inducing. 

It’s crucial to not show up to a session hungry. Don’t wait all day long to eat because you’re not sure of what to expect as the outcome. Eat what you know will have an easy reaction within your system. Save the wild cards foods for your days off. On the days your on, you should keep it simple and zero-in on eating more for function, less for please. 

In short, it's incredibly important to be cautious of consuming bananas, nuts, fried foods, too much spice and dairy before you have to perform at your very best, whether it be a live performance or a studio session. It appears that its best to stick to items such as fruit, which is light, full of vitamins and minerals and typically quite productive - however pineapple is one of those things that can have quite an adverse effect. 

So, we suggest to stick to the regularly scheduled programming. We really do not recommend trying out new foods and drinks before a session. You never know how that tomato may affect your esophagus or how that lava cake may make your tummy ache. Sessions are stressful enough, the last thing you need is to be battling an over acidic body when you’re trying to belt out your next hit. Us musicians need to treat our bodies like athletes, we must protect and prime them. 

Be sure to bring along a few tasty and appropriate snacks for the session. Perhaps bring alongs something that can be shared, as we all know how good those chips look when we are the ones who didn’t think to pack them. Additionally, be sure to eat enough ahead of time where you aren’t dreaming of food the entire time. If you eat a solid 2-4 hours before your session, you’re likely to be able to anticipate the effects of that meal, hopefully satisfying your hunger pains and allowing you the proper notice of what to expect when digesting. 

This is not the time to be inventive and innovative, save that for your session! Stick to the basics on days when you need to predict your body’s reaction. Be sure not to skip your healthy doses of water. This will save you a lot of time, stomach aches, embarrassment and will keep you looking like the professional that you are!