Getting Motivated When You're Wiped Out!

There is little less overwhelming than a mountain of tasks that must be accomplished accompanied by a lack of motivation, ambition and will power. We all find ourselves here from time to time. How can we snap out of a bad rut when we've exhausted all our reserve resources?

Before you dive into how to get yourself back up and running, you’ve got to be sure to recoup as much as you can. Have you been going at a rapidly fast rate of success, growth and progress only to find one day you wake up completely burnt out? This happens to many creatives and it appears that it is preventable in many ways, yet almost bound to happen at different times due to the nature of the creative industry. Let yourself unwind and do a whole bunch of nothing for a few days, even weeks. If we are always in go-mode, we eventually run out of gas.

Embrace minimalism and baby steps when it comes to your daily to-do list. When your schedule and responsibilities become much bigger than you can realistically handle at once, it often seems like it’s too much to take on and nothing ends up getting done at all. This is where the idea of baby steps, small steps taken intentionally and periodically, seem to make making-things-happen much easier. If you commit to tiny habits every single day, even if its only for 10 minutes a day, these will begin to feel normal, easy and effortless for you and your brain. It becomes a positive feedback loop, as the more you accomplish, the more you feel like you can accomplish.

Get inspired again. Watch a new series off of Netflix that isn’t your usual style - you never know what type of costume-piece or lyrical scriptwriting can do for an uninspired mind. Consider learning a new language and weave that into your ideas. Consuming art from varying cultures can do wonders for opening your mind when it comes to how ideas can be approached from different angles and states of mind. 



Sometimes the exact opposite will do you just as well. Put your mind on something else completely other than your art. Take up a random sport, hobby or calming mechanism. When we take the pressure off of a certain compartment of our lives, it often frees it from the need of immediacy, then giving it the space to exist freely and naturally. Let your ideas come to you. Don’t try to squeeze them out of thin air, unless that works for you!

Now, don’t underestimate the company that you keep. The people around you quickly become a reflection of your own life, as you typically keep the same schedules and have the same habits. Try to be a positive, guiding, supportive space for those around you and they will often return the favor. Try to remain conscious of how you are affected by the versions of the world that you interact with, say the TV shows you watch or the social media accounts you follow. Especially when you’re feeling down, it’s helpful to make a call in to that friend who is often delusionally optimistic - sometimes we all need that little potentially unrealistic pick-me-up. At the end of the day, life is what you make it, so don't push yourself too far, but also recognize when you need to call in those rainy-day creative funds.