Health & Musicianship

Now, let's start off by reminding everyone (and ourselves!) that we are not doctors nor are we claiming to be doctors, however, we have lived through many chapters of the journey to becoming a professional musician, as in, you pay your rent by all money made from playing music.

So, we are going to speak purely from our experience and lack of education on the matter and breakdown some details of the intersection of health and musicianship. 
relax and music.jpg1. Sleep.
Once again, we are no experts whatsoever, but we can tell you that absolutely nothing compares to getting a good night's sleep. On the days you can sleep in, let yourself stay in bed for as long as you like. You don't have to feel guilty. 

2. Nutrition 
Depending on what your views are on nutrition, this can vary greatly. We simply suggest that you do your research and make your own decisions. One thing that everybody can agree on - drink that water!

3. Mental Health
If you're feeling stressed or need to vent about the way you feel, let it out! Find a few good friends and family members who can listen and you two can share stories and feelings. You'd be amazed at how much better you feel just talking about it and being honest. Don't hold back!

4. Exercise
Sweat it out! Don't overwork your body by treating it like a machine, but get a healthy routine in your schedule where you're getting fresh air and getting some steps and sweat in!

5. Relaxation 
You work so hard. In the modern world, we are all overworked and overstimulated, especially if you're trying to a carve a space out for yourself in an industry that is ever so vague and mysterious. You're most likely "on" 24/7. So, turn your energy off! Let yourself veg out and order delivery. Curl up on the couch and enjoy life for a little. Let yourself get lost in doing absolutely nothing. 

Your brain and body will thank you. You're taking care of that which works so hard to take care of you!