How To Find Your Niche (The Secret Sauce)

Often times, a budding artist will wonder just how they can break into the industry. They'll hear ideas after ideas, but there's one thing that seems to be unattainable, vague, mysterious... the secret sauce... your niche. What is it anyway? 

A niche can be described as "denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.". Thus, it's that special, secret sauce - the thing that makes you different and makes you stand out.

In our opinion, the very first step to finding your niche is to not push it. It's already inside of you. You are already special and unique, you just need to be honest with yourself about what really matters to you. Once you find the core roots of your inspiration and what you really have to say - all the work is already done for you. The more "you" that you can be, the better.


Why is this important? In the modern world, we are inundated with content - if you're lucky to live in an Instagramable City, like L.A. or New York, even the telephone boxes on the street have had a gorgeous graffiti makeover. This is incredible when you're a viewer, listener, lover of all things art, but it can't be a bit tough when you're the artist trying to stand out. This is where the ability to draw from your niche counts.

Knowing your niche is also crucial when it comes to finding fans. Your fans are already out there, waiting for your music, even if they and you don't know it yet. They surf the web for certain styles and feelings that they are seeking, sometimes not knowing exactly what they're looking for. When you know what your niche is, then you know your audience and you're able to find the in-between that will link the two of you.  

Let's say that you're an eco-friendly artist who really would like to make a difference in the health of the world. This is what makes you special and will speak to your audience in a way that resonates with them, as you're standing up for what both you and them believe in. Once you know your stance, you're able to book yourself at festivals and events with like-minded folk - this helps you zero in on your fanbase faster than most who are feeling around in the dark, aimlessly hoping that their music will stick to some fan's ear. 

In the end, it's quite comical that we all spend so much time searching for something outside of ourselves, trying to mold ourselves into the next trend, when really, you had your niche in you all along - you just had to let it out.