How To Focus in a Noisy World

Do Noisy World.jpgyou find yourself constantly overwhelmed by the noise of the outside world? Have you noticed that we live in an unnatural world, with incessant interruptions and distractions - beeps and buzzes in our pockets, all day long. We can be accessed 24/7 on a multitude on platforms. In this space, where can we find focus?
So, you've read about time management and you've read about creative blocks, now you're sitting staring at your microphone - but your mind continues to wander. How do you block out each and every extra element of your environment? We've found that there are a few wonderful options to combat this. Let's separate the ways in which you must handle your physical environment, as well as your mental state. We get more into the two, below...
  • Get a good night's sleep.You may think that pulling an all nighter will put you ahead of the game - but let's not forget that "slow but steady wins the race." If you're tired and overworked, you're not going to be productive for anybody, especially yourself. 
  • Clean Your Room. You'll be amazed at how much mental space your physical belongings take up in your mind. Try to have a clean desk, clothes folded and put away and your bed made. The less stimuli, the better. 
  • Exercise in whatever way you find the most relaxing. You may feel more inspired when you're hyped up - if so, choose the activity that mixes with your style the best.
  • Recognize your physical triggers. Some musicians can work on music with a movie playing silently in the background - it's inspirational to some, yet distracting to others. Perhaps working in a dark room helps - Test out some options and see what works for you. Be honest with yourself. There is no correct answer. 
  • Get somewhere quiet. Maybe you can only get an hour without your roommates home. Relish within that hour. Perhaps you have the luxury of driving a few hours away from the city where you can rent out a spot for the weekend. Pro Tip: Look for a place.
  • Mepreview-lightbox-photo-1493792246756-b789c31f447b.jpgditate. 
  • Recognize your mental triggers. Some people can study and listen to music at the same time. If you're a musician, this may actually have the opposite effect as it awakens your attention and typically will completely distract you from the task at hand.
  • Notice when you get distracted. Don't feel guilty and begin to think negatively - just reshift your focus back to the task at hand and get back on the horse! 
  • Give yourself a few little breaks and treats for focusing. Say you take a 5 minute break every 25 minutes. Give yourself this gift. You deserve it and that small amount of (do whatever) time can ultimately keep you on track. 
  • Turn off your phone, if you dare. Just an hour or two. We know, it's hard. You can do it.
  • Try multi-tasking. Is this really do-able or does it make you do everything that much slower and more mediocre? Try to find a happy balance, if you think you can. Otherwise, break your tasks down and focus piece by piece. 
By subtracting the potential distracting triggers around you, you'll really be able to make some moves in your life! Just one little note though, when you're trying your hardest to push through every one of these obstacles - it's important to recognize when you do simply need to just rest. If you're trying your best that's a win!