How to Handle Rejection 

That only-in-nightmares feeling has now become a reality. You've, as they say, been "rejected" in some sense of the word. Your ego comes crashing down, looking for any method in gluing its pieces back together. How is this done? Come along with us while we discuss a multitude of rejections and how we would handle them. 

Auditions: Auditions, in our opinion, are a bit on the easier side in terms of forms of rejection. The agency that is auditioning typically has many specifications in mind, so it's not that they don't want "you" - it's that you may just not fit the part. There's always next time!

How to Handle Rejection .jpgNegative Reviews in Publications: This is a tricky one that seems like a necessary evil, as many say "All press is good press". Additionally, it can be incredibly frustrating to be judged by a music journalist who do what they're critiquing. Try to have some perspective but stand your ground and use your own platform for commentary on others reviews of you. 

Comments: If you're like most - you're on social media. Some major artists in the industry claim to not read their comments. Would you be able to resist this? Is it the healthier option, as sometimes people are just cruel for no reason on the internet? Be honest with yourself about how negative comments make you feel and affect your daily life. If they have an impact on you, don't worry about turning them off and letting someone else check your socials. 

Colleagues Opinions: Although you cannot control others, we suggest the Golden Rule to you. Treat others as you would like to be treated. We've found that if you boost, encourage and support others, they will do the same. Try to put positivity out there and you'll almost always receive it in return. 

Ultimately, we'd really like to remind you that you can't please everybody - especially when it comes to something so subjective, like music and art. We believe that you should be proud of yourself for all of the efforts and imaginitiation that you've invested into culture. 

Remember, many of history's legends were not appreciated during their lifetime. Their genius was often overlooked until it was too late. Don't be too hard on yourself.