How to Make 2021 Stick to it’s Resolutions

2021 is right around the corner and it's already laughing at all of those resolutions that we all promise to keep and rarely do. How can we stick to our plans and have self control work to our benefit? Let's map out where New Year's resolutions and music meet. 

First things first, let’s start it off by keeping things simple and realistic. We’re all for gregarious efforts and goals, but sometimes these can become so heavy and impossible to follow - that we throw the baby out with the bathwater. If you’re unfamiliar with that phrase, it means that you get rid of the whole project all together, instead of editing some of its details. We don;t want that! When planning the foundation of your resolutions, try to imagine how you would like your life to look different. 

How can you keep on schedule with your new action plan? Write it down. It’s so accessible and seemingly simple to use our phone apps and reminders, but it’s also far too easy to let notes and memos slip under one another so much so that we forget the whole plan all together, as life always keeps marching on forward. So, to avoid these issues, we strongly suggest having a physical copy of your plan and schedule. Another way to enlist some gadgets around you, if you use Siri or Alexa, you can set them to remind you of your daily promises to yourself. 

Are you wondering what to do for a resolution as a musician? We suggest to stick to baby steps if you’re currently overwhelmed by the world around you. Should you be writing more? Practicing more? Promise yourself to just open up Pro Tools or tune up your guitar every other day. Even if you are uninspired, tired and out of time - the more you weave these little habits into your daily conditioning and routine, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it begins to feel natural and second nature to you. Soon enough, you’ll be losing hours to creativity and you’ll promise yourself you’ll focus on something else for a little bit. Ah, if we could only wish! 

This is the type of time where you can employ an accountability buddy. Have you been trying to slim down and lose those last 10 pounds? Find a friend who is looking to do the same and be sure to help one another when the weeks seem to be slipping by without any progress. Start small and check-in with one another once a week. If it’s working, consider upping your game and coming up with a buddy system to really make your vision work. Perhaps you’re dead set on finally releasing that single that you’ve been clinging to? Find a musician friend who is looking to do the same and ask one another how you can help. Perhaps you can collaborate on a “live” where you both promote the event to your fans and it can be a dual-single release virtual party! There are so many opportunities at hand these days, it just sometimes can take two brains to take the pressure off just a bit. 

If you seem to have found yourself abandoning all of your resolutions by mid-January, then don’t fret. A major part of success is getting back up after every failure. Who needs to know if you had to reboot your resolutions a few times before getting some traction? Only you. You got this.