How to Self-Promote as a Musician

Shameless self-promotion, that's a phrase that, as musicians, we've heard echoing in and out of classrooms and jam sessions. If you're on social media like the rest of us, you've surely witnessed the varying effects of successful subtle promotion verses accidental saturation. Is there a happy medium that lies anywhere in between? 

Especially if you live in a particularly artistic and entertainment driven city, you've often times become friends with many fellow creative entrepreneurs. On social media platforms, it's easy to witness when other entertainment-types seem to overshare and over-publicize every tiny detail. We're guilty of this too! It's hard to know when overkill has come into play. Where's the line drawn, though? Who is to say when it is too much and too little?AR-190419315.jpg Many people agree that one post per day on each platform is the absolute most that should be done. Clips that disappear, such as Snapchats & the Instagram Story does not apply to this common notion. Although there really is no true strategy that is correct, we do stand behind the idea that "less is more" when it comes to publicity.

Think smart, but still test the waters of pop-up, experimental marketing. In terms of working efficiently - rather than focusing in on promoting yourself to 10,000 of the wrong potential fans, switch it to 1,000 people that you can guarantee will be moved by it. This is targeted marketing.

One of the most important aspects of this - publicize something that people would want to know about. It doesn't feel pushy if benefits in some fashion. If you truly like what you're putting out, rather than just putting it out because you feel like you "have to" then promoting won't feel cheap and tacky. It will feel just how you feel when you text your best friend about a mind-blowing verse on a new song you just discovered. You should be excited about it and it should feel natural. Don't force it, your potential audience will pick up on that. 

In terms of hiring of a publicist, SonicBids had a few interesting things to say regarding completing a few tasks before acquiring a publicist, in order for them to have something to work with, including "playing live shows, creating a local buzz and completely at least one album" before approaching. 

There are so very many strategies to be discussed when it comes to self-promotion, as today we mainly focused on discussing the psychology of promotion. Stay tuned for the future breakdown on real-world techniques in this puzzling department!