How to Support Black Musicians

Black Musicians.jpgRacial Injustice in the Music Industry - what you can do to help... 

Follow Black Artists

We challenge you to make sure that you are tuning in to black voices. No matter what your choice of music is, there are black artists in all genres. Listen to a new point of view. Follow them, learn about who they are and what makes them who they are. The people you follow offer you their perspective daily.

Tune in.


Support Fair Pay For Musicians

It's not a new issue that musicians, black musicians especially, often times do not get what they deserve. The rise of streaming has made platforms like Spotify and Apple Music or major labels and publishing companies, a lot of money. However, artists are only seeing a very small portion of that income. It should not be this difficult. The music we love comes from the artists and their teams.

Contracts should be fair.


Buy Straight From Black Musicians

Countless black artists have been taken advantage of in the music industry. Whether it's music, merchandise or any other forms of black art, supporting directly will make a difference. Black musicians have molded and shaped all of the genres that we love and listen to. Your direct support can help change this.


You can make a difference.