How to Write a Great Melody

The theories and mysteries behind writing a good melody can become quite complex. We could break down music theory here, however we do not want to alienate those who don't think of music in those terms. So, in this article, we'll breakdown just how we suggest you can write a better melody, in methods that are friendly for everybody!

1. Let Yourself Freeform Write. Don't focus on writing a hit song, just focus on writing something that sounds good to you. Do not be bound by any certain key or thinking too hard about the lyrics, just let yourself write without judgement and let it develop on its own.facial-expression-female-gesture-2531728 (1).jpg

2. Listen to Music You Love. Often times, engineers will do something where when they are mixing a song, they will use another song as a "reference track". This reference track is ideally the quality that the engineer is attempting to achieve. Recognize this as it would be used in your songwriting. Listen to melodies that you love and try to emulate how powerful those songs make you feel. Don't give up on your melody until it has that same punch. 

3. Sing It to Your Friends. Back in college, we recall a teacher playing a chorus, abruptly stopping that chorus and asking a few singers in class to repeat the melody. The teacher stated that the singers were very talented at recalling a melody and that in theory, if the melody was good, it would have been able to have been remembered by these people. Test this out with some of your friends and family and see if they can recall the memory to see if it catches! 

4. Record Yourself. If you don't have recording software ready within arms-reach, you can simply Voice Memo your idea. We suggest to record as many variations surrounding your idea as possible. Then, wait until tomorrow or a few days later and listen again. Does the melody still have that spark?

5. Break It Down. Focus on writing just a "riff" first. Write a string of notes and start there. When you break down any task into smaller steps, it seems that much less daunting. Repeat this method until you've got an entire song!

We truly believe that if you keep up with these habits and begin to learn more specialized sonic tools, that you'll get better and better! Just keep at it and you're bound to come up with something that you love.