Incorporating Color Schemes Into Your Home Studio

Color is one of those things where its effects can sneak up on you. Did you notice how light and freeing it felt when you reupholstered your couch in all white? How about how cozy and conversational those rooms are where they have heavy accents of orange? Your home studio has so many moods that are waiting to be embraced by you & your creativity.

When first beginning to be deliberate, selective and intentional while choosing how to incorporate color into your home studio, our main suggestion would be to trust in what appeals to your senses naturally. Don’t try too hard to fit into trends and what you think that others

Let’s get down to the origin of purpose in what you would like the space to provide. Are you looking for your studio to have a productive, clean, crisp vibe or perhaps you really shine in songwriting when you’re being collaborative so you’re really looking to create a studio space that is able to fit a lot of people and is an inviting community of space, rather than a bit more individually strategic and less social in approach. This is where knowing the function of your space comes in handy, as you’ll be able to reach it in a more targeted manner. 


Now, when it comes to ultimately creating a space for creatives, the best part is that often anything goes - however there are some styles, colors and patterns that some just don’t like. Some love colors and prefer a less stoic, sterile look, while others can’t think straight with too much visual noise going on. It all comes down to preference and learning what space and style speak to you and your inspiration. 

It’s important to take into consideration the natural and programmed lighting within your space and how it will interact with the colors in your home studio. Consider just how different colors may appear if your shades are always drawn. We know that many musicians love to work in a dark space, so if you’re going for that all black look, be sure to take into consideration that if you’ve got the blinds drawn as well, it may be just a little too dark for you - or you may love it! If you’re working with programmed lighting, be sure to take some time on this, 

Be sure to embrace accent colors. If you aren’t too sure about where to go with your interior design, the lovely thing about accent colors is that you can swich them out rather painlessly, be it seasonally or whenever you receive a new spark of interior inspiration. Did you know that orange and yellow are typically known to be that most creative colors? They are commonly interpreted by their audience as being colors of imagination, creativity, productivity and enthusiasm. 

If you're still feeling like you're not too sure about which color direction to go in, consider spending the day at a paint store and dig into the color palette paint samples. If you really fall for a few in particular, you can purchase a tiny sample jar and test it on in your studio space. If you're still on the fence, bring the swatchs home with you, test them out and sleep on the idea a few nights. When it comes to designing your home studio, you really can't go wrong. Any amount of extra love and care that you can put into the special place will repay you with ideas and imagination abound.