INTERVIEWING albert and his dreamboats

INTERVIEWING albert and his dreamboats

The band name?  

I went with Albert & His Dreamboats because band’s starting with A get that top spot on the alphabetical lists. Also the dudes in the band refer to themselves as dreamboats all the time.  


Dream collaboration and why?

All time dream collaboration goes to Roy Orbison. I’d come in with a sweet lil’ melody, backed by a string orchestra. Then Roy would jump in with the chorus right away, sweeping melody- friggen incredible. Rest of the song happens, I’d probably sing some verse about eating a hamburger with a cowboy- then triple chorus out. Fantastic song. 


Dream venue to play and why?

My dream venue would be, “Albert’s Bar & Grill.” It would be a surf & turf B&G in Encino. All my friends would eat there all the time and I’d play every Tuesday and Thursday. Attendance would be consistent and the food would be very fresh.  


How do you feel PitStop Musicians could help bridge the gap between listeners, players and the industry?

There needs to be an easy way for solid players that are getting started to come into contact with band leaders. I know a lot of singers that are constantly hiring new musicians, looking for people that can prepare material and slay a gig. If there was a platform for players to demo their chops and negotiate compensation with band leaders, that would be a great start.


Favorite way to break a creative block?

Playing X Box One with my boys especially when we sink that Royal Dub on Fortnite.


Is there any hidden meaning in any of your music?

All of my music is basically a cry for help.


What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music professionally?

Being a stay-at-home Brad would be nice. Crush beers all day with my friends and watch that money stack up. Idk.


How do you feel about the idea of fans?

Fans are rad and very necessary! If I didn’t have any fans I wouldn’t have a reason to make t-shirts and drink koozies. I love my fans and they like my merchandise, and I would like to have more fans one day.


What musical era do you wish you could go back to?

I’d go back to the early 60’s before The Beatles dropped their first hit, “Love Me Do.” I’d record and release Beatles One, hiring an undiscovered group of lads from Liverpool to record it as session musicians. I’d then repeat this process across every genre of music for forty more years, before retiring at the age of 50.