INTERVIEWING anahita skye

INTERVIEWING anahita skye

Dream Collaboration?

Before Chris Cornell passed away, it was him. I dreamed of writing and singing a song with him, gritty and raw. He had a voice that could move you like a ton of bricks. Next, is Bono from U2. I love what he stands for, he’s so compassionate and I have a deep admiration for artists who use their platform and influence to make the world a better place. 

How have you gotten past the moments where you’ve wanted to give up pursuing a space in the music industry? 

I have had some major let downs, like any artist who has been pursuing and persevering throughout the ups and downs of their journey. I have to take a step back during these moments. Whether it’s physically and mentally stepping away until the negative feelings pass, and more importantly reminding myself why I am doing this. I do this because I love it. It fulfills me and I find meaning in my art. As long as this feeling remains true to me, I will continue this journey. Reframing it this way reminds me why I’m here. I have also found freedom in detaching myself from any outcome, which is still difficult. I have to remind myself this from time to time. 

Dream venue to play?

I love concert halls, beautiful theatres that have incredible sound, ambiance and still feel intimate such as the Orpheum, Carnegie Hall, etc. Another dream of mine is playing popular late night shows, such as Stephen Colbert, The Tonight Show and SNL.

How do you feel about the idea of fans?

Fans are the greatest. I know what it’s like to be a super fan and look up to someone in deep admiration. It’s a beautiful thing- to be influenced so positively by a stranger. The level of influence my childhood heroes had on me was life changing. The idea of giving that to someone is profound and beautiful.

Favorite way to break a creative block?

At first try to understand the root of it - is it perfectionism, negative self-talk or criticism; or is it depletion of creative energy due to mental exhaustion and over exerting yourself? Then I try to address whatever that is and work through it. Stepping away and allowing myself to have new experiences has really helped in the past. A song may be halfway written and I’ll feel frustrated for not being able to finish it.  Then I will step away and go live my life and things will end up falling into place in a funny way. These situations always amaze me.  Certain experiences had to be had for the song to end up finishing.

Is there any hidden meaning in any of your music?

My music is very honest and vulnerable. But sometimes I feel like my own personal meaning is irrelevant as long as a connection is made with the listener. A piece of art is a vessel from the artist to the listener/viewer and they will connect and attach meaning to it from their own subjective experience. That’s what I want. 

Favorite warm-up & "get in the zone" tips?

I start my morning drinking warm tea or water, and try not to speak until so. I try to refrain from using my voice too much during the day which is hard… I just try to be mindful and not over exert, often I may get caught talking to people at a very loud venue beforehand, which isn’t good for the voice. I try to find a quiet place to just breathe and relax before I hit the stage. I will do vocal warm ups an hour or two before the show. It usually it ends up being on my way to the show!