INTERVIEWING karma the artist

INTERVIEWING karma the artist

When will you feel like you made it?

I will feel like I made it when I buy my mother a house. I’ve been putting that in the universe for a minute. So when I can give her the keys to a brand new house in her own name, then I’ll feel like I made it. Other than that, I’m always going to keep striving.

Favorite way to break a creative block?

My favorite way to break a creative block is to listen to other music. If I’m writing and get stuck, I try to draw inspiration from other people or genres, something out of the box to get me out of my own way. Then I come back with a fresh ear…

Dream collaboration and why?

My dream collaboration is definitely to work with Drake. I’ve had an obsession with his music and his sounds and OVO and just the whole camp. I would love to be able to create something with them. I think that where I am sonically works with what they do, so I’m hoping that they see this and we get together!

What is your first music memory?

My first musical memory had to be me singing in a choir. I was probably about five and I think it was my and my brother singing in the choir together. I only had one line, saying my name and I love the Lord. It was one of my first times performing and then I signed up for the school talent show, and the rest is history. It was kind of my first claim to fame.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music professionally?

 If I weren’t doing music, I’d probably be teaching it. I was a teacher before in Sunday school and after school programs, yoga and music. I’ve always been someone who enjoys teaching and working with the youth and curating young minds and giving back…

How did you come up with your stage name?  

I started doing poetry; like spoken word and Karma was a name my friends came up with. The name preceded me and people were wondering is she good karma or bad karma. The Artist came from trying to brand my self… 

How do you feel about the idea of fans?

I feel really good about my fans. I call them Team Karma for now and people have been using my hash-tag when they share my work. They’re the only things that keep me going. People that are sharing my work, that’s what means the most to me. My fans, my family and people that are in my corner, they encourage me every single day and tell me I can do it. They’re my backbone and the reason why I’m still here.

What musical era do you wish you could go back to?

I kind of wish I lived in the 60’s during the Motown era. I had a chance to do some Motown when I did cruise work and the nostalgia and feeling that people get when they’re dancing made people feel good. I think I would’ve fit right in.