New Album Release from Alex Maas

New Album Release from Alex Maas

Artist: Alex Maas

Release Date: December 4th 2020

Album Title: "Luca"

Bio: "Alex Maas a talented musician and a member of the Black Angels, the sultry neo-psychedelic band. Hailing from Austin, Texas, the band is comprised of Alex Maas, Christian Bland, Kyle Hunt, Stephanie Bailey and Jake Garcia. Maas does vocals, bass, organ/drone machine for the Black Angels and has solo music of his own."

PitStop's Thoughts: Alex Maas is the Christmas gift that we all have been waiting all year long for. If you don't listen to all of this album, be sure to catch "American Conquest" - Not only is the video quite the artistic journey, but his vocals and lyrics have a haunting element about them that really does take you under like an unexpectedly strong wave. We're here for it the tribal, rustic, real and deep elements of this collection of songs.