New Album Release from Kacy & Clayton

New Album Release from Kacy & Clayton

Artist: Kacy & Clayton

Release Date: December 11th 2020

Album Title: "Plastic Bouquet"

Bio: Kacy & Clayton is a Canadian folk/roots duo originating from Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan. Having played together for over a decade growing up, the duo consists of second cousins Clayton Linthicum on guitar and Kacy Anderson on vocals.

PitStop's Thoughts: This is an album that is one of those instant classics. Almost reminiscent of Rilo Kiley, it's got that soulful, sweet melodic core that hits deeper than you realize, until you're wiping those tears off your face. Kacy & Clayton's album offers up endless bountiful gifts with every listen and loop. It's so carefully crafted, subtly dazzling with it's songwriting's core strength and raw visuals. This is the perfect soundtrack for those long drives, cruising past the open fields.