New Album Release from Oscar Lang

New Album Release from Oscar Lang

Artist: Oscar Lang

Release Date: December 4th 2020

Album Title: "Antidote To Being Bored"

Bio: "20-year-old London-based artist Oscar Lang has created a soft indie/alternative sound which encapsulates the sound of being a teenager, telling tales of teenage misfortunes and adventures. Oscar crafts each intricate part of his songs from his bedroom, laying down each instrument slowly to create wide landscapes of sound."

PitStop's Thoughts: Oscar Lang has single-handedly made us crave summer when it's way too far away. He's a budding songwriter, with lyrics that really mean something - all the while running alongside those cadences that seem to naturally move with the rest of his writing. It all feels easy, effortless and exactly why he was put on this earth. We always say that you can spot a seasoned songwriter by the depths of their bridges and Oscar is one of those special talents that has got these little jewels down. We're here for them and him.