New Album Release from The Avalanches

New Album Release from The Avalanches

Artist: The Avalanches

Release Date: December 4th 2020

Album Title: "We Will Always Love You"

Bio: "The Avalanches are an Australian electronic music group formed in Melbourne in 1997. They are known for their studio albums Since I Left You, Wildflower, and We Will Always Love You, as well as their live and recorded DJ sets. The group currently consists of Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi."

PitStop's Thoughts: Starting to go a little stir crazy in your house and need an exit strategy? Pop those headphones on and get lost in The Avalanches newest release. They truly blend every genre and reconfigure it with their very own touches. Every twist and turn is special, gorgeous, classic yet innovative. This is one of the most beautiful collections that we've heard in a long time. Please put on the title track the features Blood Orange. We beg you on this one.