New Release from

New Release from "The Philistines Jr."

Artist: The Philistines Jr.
Release Date: November 8th 2019 
Single/Album Title: "Help!" (Album) 

Bio: "Peter Katis's music career began in the late 1980s with The Philistines Jr., an experimental pop band composed of Katis (vocals, guitar, keyboards), his brother Tarquin Katis (vocals, bass), and their friend Adam Pierce (drums)."

PitStop's Thoughts: The Philistines Jr. newest release embodies all things dreamworld. The album also features producer Peter Katis, who is known for incredible production for Death Cab for Cutie, Kurt Vile, The National, and Interpol. They truly have a magical sound that seems to uplift and provide hope to the listener. This is ever so crucial in a time where much lyrical and sonic content is heavy and foreboding. Us listeners need a little relief here and there and The Philistines Jr. swoop in to provide that.