New Single Release

New Single Release "Lola" from Morgan St. Jean

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Morgan St. Jean has had the front seat to all things glamorous and those that are not so glamorous, for LA is not the city that it seems. Often masked by beauty and beautiful things, relationships and friendships can be less than impeccable in a town that is filled with so much extravagance while always being in the spotlight. Morgan has soaked up all of this city's effects and transmuted them into her songs. What's one of the best genres to mix into a cake of tragedy, lies and heartache? Gorgeous, mistakenly-always-happy Pop music. Enter Morgan St. Jean. 

On the heels of the booming success from her writing and featuring on Loud Luxury's remix of "Aftertaste", including that which gathered over 40 million streams worldwide, Morgan inked a deal with Universal Music Group. This newest track "Lola" is her debut on a major label and definitely does not disappoint. 
Lola_Artwork.jpegAlthough Morgan appears as an overnight success, she didn't shine this bright without some serious hardwork and elbow grease behind the scenes. While still independent, she was able to land a spot for her single "Addicted" as a feature on the hit FOX TV Show known as "Star". Before selling out the world famous Los Angeles venue "The Troubadour", Morgan teamed up on the track "Famous" with American DJ Borgeous which landed them both a spot on Spotify's New Music Friday, accompanied by millions of streams. Her playlist royalty doesn't just stop there, she's landed hot spots on Canada's Top 40 Radio Chart, iHeart Radio's Dance Chart and the Overall Dance Radio Charts. Morgan's definitely here to stay and can play with the best of 'em.
Morgan St. Jean's natural ability to act really shine through on "Lola", her newest single's visual presentation. This heavy handed piece of art is perfect for the mysterious and hauntingly intoxicating month of October. Lola is a powerhouse in the form of sound, a true smash hit. We absolutely love how expressive Morgan's vocals are. Each note is full of strength, one stronger than the next, as if they follow suit to the twists and turns of romance past, embracing "that which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" to the fullest. Lola's lyrical content is classy and charming, all the while maintaining her bad girl stance, taking no one's disloyalty.
The harmonic vocal riffs are iconic and unique, certainly cementing and painting down stripes for Morgan's new very own lane. When it comes to production, this is what engineer's dreams are made of. The mix is so crisp, clean and very much a well-produced, smooth final cut that we would expect from a major label. 
Morgan is the grown-up girl who has come to save the day. She's here to remind the little girls in all of us that you can have your picket fence in life - but you may be the one to have to rebuild it after it gets torn down a few times. Morgan St. Jean's track Lola proves that you can be a lover and a fighter at the same time, all the while making it look like an adventure that we're all missing out on. We love that we can live through Lola.