Is There Really A Singers Diet?

Whether you're a singer or not, you've most likely heard that so many singers love to soak up tea with honey before a show, sometimes sporting a scarf around their neck and not speaking before their performance. 

Have you heard the rumor that Mariah Carey doesn't speak for days on end, while she's on tour, so she can preserve her voice? Sometimes singers have extra problems when compared to other musicians, as their instrument is their body. Singers Diet.jpg

So, when it comes to what fuel the singer needs to maintain their instrument, how strict do they really have to be? "As David Leigh (an opera singer at the New York Metropolitan) puts it, knowing what to eat before a show actually has a lot more to do with knowing what you shouldn’t eat. There are in fact, very few foods out there that actually help your vocal cords. Most foods either hinder them or simply have little to no effect. Some singers eliminate this stuff from their diets altogether."

Many sources suggest that there is a certain list of items to skip specifically on show days. These include dairy, caffeine, processed sugar, chocolate, fried foods, butter, soda and lack of alcohol. One interesting suggestion that was quite surprising to us - ice water. We're told that it's too constricting to your vocal cords - as it causes unnecessary stress and lack of flexibility. 

Aside from diet, don't forget a (sometimes) simple and crucial habit - sleep. In our opinion, although we are very far from every being doctors - the basis of this before-the-show diet comes down to moderation and avoiding extremes, such as air conditioning, over-partying and no sleep! Take care of your voice and your voice will take care of you!