Letting Your Voice Soar In Your Vows

Letting_Your_Voice_Soar_In_Your_Vows_pitstop.jpgThis is your moment to immortalize those butterflies in your stomach that have been brewing since the budding of you and your partner's love. This little monologue will forever hold a special place in your love and loved one's hearts. Once your pen hits the paper, finding sweet words that really speak from the very center of your heart may be a little trickier than you thought. It's time to skip the shy and unleash your inner poet.

Despite the fact that you may want to consider that your most loved friends and family will be listening closely to your inner most thoughts that you choose to share - Ultimately, you should write mainly for both you and your honey. Is this the time for an inside joke? Why not? If it’s something that really means a lot to you and your partner, don’t stress about your guests understanding the jokes and references, as long as your love does, you’re golden. 

If we can suggest anything that we hope you’ll take into account - it’s the act of not procrastinating on this one. This isn’t a college paper that can be pushed off until the last minute, unless you’re truly gifted with thinking off the cuff and meaning it! Even if you’re an impeccable free-styler, we suggest writing a few rough drafts and coming back to them to edit a few times before you really let that ink dry on the final version.

Be honest. Employ free writing. See where your thoughts go once you stop trying so hard. Don’t attempt to edit yourself while you’re writing your first few drafts, as this can often stifle your creativity. If you’re finding yourself lacking inspiration, we suggest researching some of the most beautiful love letters, love songs and love stories of all time. Spend an afternoon or two reading and diving into these wondrous tales. You might be amazed at how much lyricism you soak up in just a few settings. Be free with your form. Do what feels natural to you. 

If you’re stuck and cannot possibly think of how you’re able to put these massively wonderful feelings and thoughts into words, then use your very own love story. If you’ve found yourself at the altar, whether virtual or in person, you surely have experienced something beautiful enough to take a chance on. Embrace that story and tell it to those around you who never knew how this all unfolded. 

This is the time to shine a spotlight on your partner’s favorite characteristics. Maybe you never told them that you fell for them even harder when they were messy, tired and stressed, but kept going when life got rough. Perhaps it’s their ambition and unwavering determination that keeps you in awe of them. Take some time to really think this one out. You’re etching future memories in stone, so make it count!