Love Songs Are In The Air

greatest-love-songs-pitstop.jpgWith Valentine's Day right around the corner, some music lovers may be wondering how they can bring their very own love songs to life. Can everyone write a love song off the cuff? Perhaps a custom made playlist is more fitting? The world is our oyster & we may be surprised with how artistic everyone is once they tap into their special sauce. 

You or your clients may want to spruce up their virtual vows with a little something special. Perhaps they want to put their written vows into a song? If one isn’t up for a serious songwriting session, then another wonderful alternative is booking a songwriter to translate your lyrics into a song. This is an incredibly romantic way to let your love for one another live on forever. Although we all love flowers, chocolates and diamonds - a song is something that can be stored forever in your music library, blasted in the car and kept alive in your headphones for the rest of your lives. It’s truly a unique twist to all the materialistic items that we all get wrapped up in. 

Learn from and listen to the greats. Let yourself drift away to your favorite love songs and soak up the inspiration that they freely give off. This is a fabulous way to get into “the zone” of songwriting. Once you start putting words onto paper and tinkering around on that little keyboard that’s been sitting around the house, you may be pleasantly surprised with your swift progress.

Did you know that the heavenly track “Something” was “the first George Harrison-written song to occupy the A-side of a Beatles single (though it did share the accolade, appearing as a double A-side with unifying call “Come Together” in 1969). Capturing the swirling triumph of infatuation, the tune would become the second-most-covered song of the Beatles’ canon (“Yesterday” is the first). More than 150 artists have tried the dreamy, swooning ode on for size, including James Brown, Elvis Presley, Phish, Isaac Hayes and Frank Sinatra, who famously christened it the “greatest love song ever written.” TimeOut states. 

If all of this still feels like too much, let us not forget to avoid underestimating the mushy gushy appeal of a curated playlist for the apple of your eye. You can include songs that remind you of them, that make you feel the way that they make you feel and songs that you may have been the soundtrack to some of your most memorable moments. 

Remember, the purpose of this love song is to profess your feelings, it’s not to win a GRAMMY and become an international superstar - even though you may just come across those perks too! Let’s bring it back to the basics and the sweet stuff. Let your true feelings ring and sing it from the heart. That’s a melody that we can all resonate with.