Maintaining Your Musicianship When Life Takes Over

Life has a funny way of keeping us in the fast lane, even if minute to minute seems slow, we can often blink and find ourselves way further in the future than we thought was possible. When this happens, we can notice that music has taken the backseat in our lives for far too long. How can we get back on track when we've lost that little pep in our sonic step?

Finding your inner core that is calm, cool and collected is key in getting back to the basics. Attitude Mag has a nice little recentering hack for us with ”Learn to calm and re-center your emotions several times a day, whether you feel you need to or not. You can do what I call a micro meditation of one to three minutes: Stop and breathe deeply, taking breaths that push out your stomach. Then push all the air out of your lungs when exhaling so your stomach sinks in. Try it now. Keep going.” Sometimes we haven’t actually lost what seems to have been misplaced, we just simply have forgotten to make space for it. Making space for something as ethereal and intangible as “more time” can first be witnessed visually as creating room to literally breathe, something we many of us underestimate to an incredibly shocking degree.


Time is typically one of the biggest obstacles for most of us. If this is your issue and you’re having a tough time weaving music into your daily schedule, perhaps consider how you can incorporate it into your daily life. Do you drive a little too far to work? You could very well make use of that empty time and leave a Voice Memo in record mode during your drive if you’re feeling like riffing and writing, although we only suggest this if you can continue to focus! If you’re too busy with your children, perhaps consider letting them hang around while you write and practice and make it a family experience for all, rather than something that you need to compartmentalize so much so that you never seem to find the time to be able to do so.

Carving out just a small space can do wonders when it adds up at the end of the week, month, year… lifetime. As we figure, the years are going to pass anyway, so we may as well attempt to be even just a little proactive in planning for the future. If you want to see results, you must make room for those to begin to brew, unfold and take place. If you feel that you’ve lost your way and can’t just find the time to pick up your instrument for even just five minutes a day, just start small. Give it one minute and you’ll be surprised at just how many minutes that can domino into.

If you’re feeling a little uninspired, consider seeing a show or even sticking around at home and searching for a few hours for new artists on streaming platforms. You’d be amazed at how your creativity can become reignited if you give it the right fuel and in today’s day and age, this isn’t hard to find, you just need to be open and as non-judgemental as possible, as you never know what may speak to you & sing to you.