Music To Cook To

Fresh food is one of life's most beautiful elements. It can bring us together and teach us new things about ourselves and the world around us. When you're in the zone and zesting up your favorite dish, what's on your heavy rotation playlist while the water is boiling? 

We’ve done our research and it seems that it all comes down to one thing: energy.  Now, not all of us are master chefs. Some of us actually are a little sloppy and completely without strategy while cooking. This is where music comes in. One of the wonderful elements of music is that it can pump you up and lift the fog around you out of nowhere. Varying genres can immediately bring you awake and even boost you with ambition, confidence, endurance and dedication. These are some of the most ultimate skills to have while cooking, as it can become quite daunting, especially night after night when you swear you just ran the dishwasher. 

Let us take into consideration the debate between energy and atmosphere, which of the two is more compelling of an argument as being the number one musical best friend for a chef, be it professional or in their very own kitchen. We shouldn’t underestimate the shift of that party mode that music can bring into the kitchen to a different type of ambience. One of a quiet dinner, perhaps with strings or percussion instruments playing sparsely in the background, as if a dash here and a dash there. When music shows up like this in a food setting, it is still equally as beneficial and charming as it is when it’s used to bring ambition and fun to the cutting and chopping that can sometimes seem just too tedious.



Bon Appetit did a very interesting expose on different people’s perspectives on their playlists in the kitchen and in particular, we loved Eric Gillin’s take on the blood pumping “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker” by The Ramones, with “All of the tracks on Mania are in perfect 4/4 time, which makes it really easy to sync up to when you're chopping, whisking, peeling, etc. And all of the songs are two or three minutes long, which makes them a nice time-keeping method too.” That reliable, consistent marching forward can really light a fire within us to get the cooking cranking! 

Memories and music are sometimes overlooked and are almost always a private and personal thing that pops into our minds eye and then drifts off again. When we hear a song of our past, we likely will have a burst of images from what feels like a lifetime ago, but alongside this music often accompanies a certain smell, an era, a feeling that we almost forgot about. In Bon Appetit's article Carla Lalli put this sentiment into such an equisite manner with "I’m big into Solange’s A Seat at The Table right now. Steady beats that you'll bop your head and chop your veggies to, and overall powerful messaging that will infuse your meal with positive vibes." So many wonderful memories are built around the oven and the dinner table, it's only right that some of our favorite songs are woven into these moments. This is when you get your handy dandy playlist into rotation. You might be pleasantly surprised at just how many songs your friends and family Shazam from your playlist. For those who aren’t familiar, Shazam is the most epic app for reading audio in real time, with an algorithm that is able to name the song that it’s listening to. One of our most favorite musical pioneers.  But, back to the cooking. When it comes to chefing it up in artistic style, simply switch on what makes you happy and feeling good, whether cooking is a time of peace or cooking is a time to get jazzed and pumped up, make it yours and let the memories brew.