Musician Resources for the Effects of COVID-19

Resources for Musicians COVID-19.jpgAmidst these challenging times, we wanted to reach-out in support of our musician family. No matter what your involvement is inside or outside of the music community, you deserve to be protected and cared for. We know that currently touring, gigging and session musicians have been hit the hardest. These sectors of the music industry have been hit the hardest.

Below, we've listed promising relief funds for musicians & beyond. A few of them offer direct monetary relief via application per musician. Any amount helps. Other relief methods are financing with good rates specifically for musicians. There is also EDD, the Employment Development Department, who is providing funds to those who have had to stay home from work due to sickness or whose workplace has been shutdown due to the COVID-19. You can lookup the EDD in your specific city for details. Additionally, please keep a lookout for direct government funding. Keep your eye on the news, as relief packages are being updated hourly at this moment in time and there have been talks of this becoming a reality.
In terms of financials, this may be a good time to look into virtual work. There are many wonderful websites that offer work-from-home positions. For many of these, all you'll need is internet access. This is the time to dig into all of those side hustle gigs. Do some googling for your local city and you'll be thanking yourself in a few weeks!
Remember that although money makes the world go round, there is so much more that we truly need. Help a friend and neighbor. Share your resources and most importantly, stay safe and healthy. Hang in there. You got this.

Sweet Relief

Lyric Financial

Musician's Foundation

Foundation For Contemporary Arts

Employment Development Department (California)