Musicianship in the Age of Social Media

As if the music industry wasn't tricky enough to navigate on its own, now we've got all the guts and glory that come along with living in the future and with living in the future, comes the internet. Enter social media. Should we just succumb to all of the eye-rolling elements that reign loudly on these platforms or attempt to tightly grab hold of our individuality and artistry while we've still got the chance? Let's explore.

The beauty of the internet begins with the social web that is strung throughout. On top of the luxury of being able to connect with so many humans from all over our impossibly massive planet, in addition to the endless networking, we have endless access to just about every question, theory and historic element that there is to discover and this is where some of the imagination and inspiration arrives to the musician. If you let your mouse wander, you can end up at all types of nuanced corners of the internet. Take the time to really dive into all that is offered from different corners of both the world and the human mind. Creativity is never not racing through the super highway. 


Despite the incredible and seemingly overnight success that one can gain from notoriety on the internet, there’s something to be said for the art of unplugging, as well. Is this even possible in today’s age, when a “Seen” without a reply or letting an evening pass for an unanswered text is almost unheard of, as well as almost being unacceptable, as most feel slighted if the response isn’t immediate. This lends itself to the question - is it even possible to unplug? Whether or not it seems possible, the internet is indeed a gaping black hole that will never stop asking for your attention. You can scroll endlessly until the end of time and let the world outside of the computer pass you by. You can feel as though you’re spending time with your loved ones, but in all actuality, if you view many social scenarios in our current state of the world, many of us are typically nose-deep in an article, a social feed or the latest like. 

Sometimes a tricky part about being a person, musician or not, on the internet, is that you can quickly feel like you’re one of many, just a number, a statistic, another follower. As a musician, this can erode your sense of self worth and what you may think that you have to offer to the world out there. Never before was our competition staring us directly in the face and asking you to press play. This is the time to embrace those around you and learn not what they make take from you, but what you can create and learn from one another. 

When we decide that we must start to gain some attempt at balance in our lives, then we will have to force our quiet time into our lives. If we keep our phone’s volumes on a 24 hour cycle of “on”, then you’ll notice a different battery starting to drain - that of the calm person you once were starting to fade into the difference. This is simply a matter of overstimulation and your brain can only take so much. So, how do we go about even attempting this? In our humble opinion, you simply must switch the devices off and be diligent about it. Start small, perhaps it’s just during Sunday dinners or date night. Not just for your musicianship, but your own well-being as a whole self could depend on it.