Networking in the Quarantine Age

How To Network From Your Bedroom.jpgWhile life and safety is still up in the air, with no certain future clear cut just yet, it’s time that we get creative and figure out how to alter our previous lifestyles to start to regain another version of "normalcy."

Follow Facebook pages, alongside Twitter and Instagram accounts, that relate to what you do. If you’re a singer songwriter that specializes in playing banjo, follow accounts within this vein. You’d be amazed at how many people are watching.

Let us not forget the “co-sign”. This is a form of endorsement that is prevalent within society, however is so intricately woven that its barely noticeable. Often you’ll find fellow rappers hopping on one another’s tracks, gifting or purchasing a verse from one another. Typically one of the artists has a larger following and is brought on to introduce the newer artist to a wider audience. This can be done in all genres, formats and activations. This is where it’s time to get creative!

If you’re looking to go deeper into the industry side of music, consider researching and following your favorite A&Rs and executives. If a person has a private account, respect that. This will most likely mean that their online presence is personal. In this case, LinkedIn may be a better place to attempt to connect. 

Have you seen all of the Instagram Live sessions that have been occurring recently? This is the perfect place to join a talk and get some exposure. If you already feel that you have people to team up with - do so! This will allow both of you to gain access to one another’s fan bases. If you don’t have a particular co-pilot in mind, consider watching and hanging out during those you are a fan of. Oftentimes they will invite guests on their live, giving you an audience of thousands, if not even greater. Make your moment count. This is a time when anything goes as we are all figuring it out! 

Most importantly, you’ve got to be natural and not push it. We strongly advise against copy and pasting a message and bombing all comment sections with links to your newest song. This does nothing but turn people off, if not worse, creating a bad energy around your art and drumming up hurtful, annoyed comments. Nobody wants that! Be open with yourself and let things unfold at their natural speed. Try not to force any form of networking. What will fit, will fit naturally, with just a dash of effort here and there. Go for what feels right for you and the response will likely be a positive one. 

Join online groups that are niche, small and relevant to you. This can range anywhere from tips on guitar techniques to sharing gigs around New York City. You name it, the internet has got it. You’ve just got to be willing to put the time in, dig around and zero in on what truly is calling your name.