New Year, New We

New_Year_New_We_2_PitStop.jpgOnly a few days into 2021 and if you’re anything like us, you’ve already long forgotten what your resolutions even were. This year though, we’re doing something different - Relationship Resolutions. Of course, our specialty is all things music, so we’ll be putting a little sonic twist on this, for the musicians, the hobbyists and the listeners. 

Let’s get right down to the nitty gritty. If you’re in a relationship or would one day like to be in one, you must realize that you’re now tied in with somebody else. The better you are as an individual, the better you’ll be as a copilot. It’s not always going to be easy, but that’s even more reason to get creative, logical and to not forget to leave some extra room for error in your friendships and relationships. 

If you’ve been with your partner for over six months, we think this might be that sweet spot of time where you’re able to sit down and come up with a gameplan of what is working and not working. This could even work with friends and family too. There’s no better time to be honest, despite how hard it may be, and actually attempt to fix problems rather than sweep them under the rug. Start small. You could make two New Year resolutions and keep them simple. This may inspire you to make a new one every month. In theory, we’d love to keep the people we love in our lives forever, so why not hack the system and have it be as happy and fruitful as possible? says that it’s crucial to “make fewer assumptions. Another key to healthy communication is to make fewer assumptions. Sometimes, we assume the worst or try to predict what our partners are feeling and what they mean. Avoid fights and misunderstanding by stopping yourself when an assumption arises. Ask your partner for clarity and consider other scenarios, reasons or alternatives your partner may have been, say, later than they promised or neglected a chore.”

Now, for a little musical interjection. All resolutions don’t have to be serious or hard work. You could have a resolution to have a little more fun. If you’re a non-musician, consider bringing a keyboard into the home and learning some of your favorites together. If you have little ones around, you may be pleasantly surprised at how entranced they become with the music that you’ve now brought alive in their home! Spending an evening promising to turn your phones off and listen to records is another wonderful way to allow art to bring you closer. If you want to keep it even simpler, for every month of 2021, promise to send one another a special new song delivered just to one another. How romantic and sweet!

Getting back to the tough topics, also touches on the idea that is the most problematic for many couples - money. We know that life is hard and it’s never a good time to discuss trouble, but “make 2020 the year you talk with your partner openly about finances. Address incomes, debts, financial goals you both have to better gauge if you and your partner are financially compatible. The new year is also a good time for those further in their relationships to re-evaluate your financial situations, savings plans and bucket lists.”

Life is what you make it. Zero-in on potential baby steps of how to hack your own life and don’t take on every single endeavor at every moment. Make space for what you’d love to have come into your life and those lives around you. Embrace change, learning and the ability to not always have to be right or not what the next step is. Dive in and make fun with trying to be more efficient in your day to day dealings!