How to Organically Get More Social Media Followers as a Musician

Do you have follower envy like the rest of us that you'd rather not admit to? Do you wonder how so many of these influencers seem to be fluent in the art of followers, but you're left scratching your head?

One thing that you may not first consider is your follower list. You may be asking how does who you follow help you gain followers? Well, we can speak from first-hand experience on this one. You’d be shocked to learn how many people look at other’s follower lists to find relevant people to follow. Also, due to the fact that a user receives a notification with every new follow, if you have a catchy name or you catch them on a day that they’ve got a bit of time on their hands, they may just click on your profile and take a look around. Never underestimate the power of boredom and social media. People randomly click around quite often!

How to Organically Get More Social Media Followers as a Musicia_PitStop Musicians.jpgCreate good and engaging content. Being creative on social media doesn't alwasy come natural but don't overthink it! Your followers just want to know that the content you're creating reflects your music, style, likes, dislikes etc... Try not to get lazy, but also (we repeat) don't over think it. 

A common little known “hack” is to make use of hashtags. You’d be pleasantly surprised at the number of people who randomly click around Instagram and other social media platforms. Be sure to keep it relevant with your hashtags, as users may become frustrated with you if you’re posting your new song and using a misleading hashtag such as “cooking” - that would also be a waste of your time!

Another tactic to take into consideration is the frequency in your posting. Most strategies suggest posting every few days, but not too much. In our personal opinion, we believe that 4-5 days a week, at varying times, is favorable. It may be best to not have a set schedule, depending on your audience. If your audience, however, is “new moms”, then take into consideration that they are early risers. If your audience is always burning the midnight oil, avoid posting at 11am. Know your audience and be willing to slightly adjust to their probable viewing schedules.

Now, let’s talk about the Explorer Page. This is where tagging your “location” comes into play. Did you hear about that rumor and craze that supposedly when tagging the location “Singapore, Singapore” on your photo, that you were running in the high likelihood of being able to appear on the Explorer Page. This is the page that is seen by all users on Instagram and gives you that much more of a platform to be viewed and then followed. Regardless of whether the “Singapore, Singapore” rumor was true or not, tagging a location works similarly to hashtags. Many, many people use the location to view current stories and photos, perhaps even more so than hashtags, these days. 

How to Organically Get More Social Media Followers as a Musician_PitStop Musicians.jpgNext, this is when you’ll want to call in favors. Many people would refer to this as the “co-sign”. If your friends, band members or work colleagues are tech savvy, even better. Share the wealth and tag one another, you’ll be cross-pollinating eachothers fan and/or friend bases. If you’re releasing something special, say a new EP or new incredible interview, use your favors wisely and cash them in on something that will show results. You don’t want to become a pest, but if you’ve saved up that “ask” for a rainy day, it’s okay to ask someone with a larger platform to tag your new track or post it in their story. Even just a comment and a like from someone with a larger platform can go a long way.

After all of this hype and strategy, you may think that legends are untouchable and unreachable, but one very important and subtle piece of necessary advice is that in order to be a leader, one must actually place themselves on an equal plateau of their followers. That being said, it would be wise to engage consistently with your followers. Like and comment on their photos, respond back to their comments to you and keep the conversation as open. You’d be amazed at how much more responsive people are when they feel that you are reachable. It’s almost counter-intuitive but you’ll see results rather quickly.

One easy additional way to gain more followers is being sure to place social media buttons and/or tag your username in a multitude of places, such as on your website, your YouTube channel, your business card, and perhaps even on your merch, if done in a creative, non-invasive way. 

Finally, the more “you” that you are, the better. Everyone is special and can offer their very own perspective on the world. People will appreciate you for this. The more sincere you are with your thoughts, the more sharpened your character will become. This will lead to an incredibly nuanced little niche that you’ve carved out for yourself. Be you.