Our Favorite Microphones Under $1000

SM87A.jpgWhen it comes to recording, at the end of the day, there are truly so many elements and variables that must be considered. if you're on a time, space and/or financial budget - you need to accept that you'll have to discover what is most important to you and head in that sonic direction. 

For example, if the voice is what you're showcasing on your demo - then perhaps it may be most wise to invest in a fine sounding microphone. That means, you may have to get a cheaper sustain pedal for your synth or less delay plug-ins for your library, but you'll end up with some very clear elements and ultimately get your point across in it's best possible shape. 

Take it from our experience in investing in a somewhat simple, $250 microphone over ten years ago, an SM87A Condenser microphone. A fabulous choice. On the flip side, closer to the $600 range, a Neumann TLM 103 can be a gorgeous addition to your gear family. 

If you find the time, we suggest doing some shopping around your local instrument shops and seeing if you can test out microphones. We can suggest ideas all day but ultimately you need to test your particular timbre with each option.

Another wonderful opportunity to test gear is at conventions. Were you given an extra ticket to NAMM? Don't turn it down so fast. It can give you an incredible opportunity to test a wide range of musical possibilities. 

So, do your research, test your ears and don't forget to try to have a little fun while you're working out the kinks in your budget friendly recording process.